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l am just as passionate about teaching. Whatever your age or musical ability, there is a place for you in my harp studio.


Please contact me if interested in concerts, lessons or workshops.

Tuesday December 11,  7:30 pm
Carols and Lullabies / Chants et berceuses
Canadian Centennial Choir, Marg Stubington, music director

Centretown United Church 507 Bank Street, Ottawa

This Christmas concert will have a Latin flavour. Carols and Lullabies features Conrad Susa’s Christmas in the Southwest for chorus, harp (me!), guitar and marimba, as well as other works with percussion accompaniment, and some Christmas carols and songs with a Latin beat.  Also joining in are Nathan Bredeson (guitar), and Brydone Charlton (marimba and percussion).

I started playing the harp when I was 8 years-old . In those days the concert (pedal) harp was my only choice, but now Celtic (lever) harps have pride of place and electric harps are... so much fun!  I play all three, as well as a double-strung lap harp.


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